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Company Background


SolarEn Foundation (SEF) is a dream of some socially committed people who are experienced in renewable energy technology and rural development. Directors and key professionals of SEF have more than a decade of experience in renewable and energy efficient energy technology specially in solar program and successfully established the concept of rural electrification through renewable energy technology. SEF is working for saving environment and saving life.

SEF has a view to provide essential services to the rural people including health, sanitation, and education. Mainly with the energy services such as solar thermal for ensuring supply of green energy for the development of rural life style. SEF is operating its activities through branch offices under the regional offices situated in remote rural areas of Bangladesh.

SEF is a customer driven organization and its goal has always been to provide customers with the best and most complete solutions for their particular business and personal needs. As SEF continue to grow and evolve, it will continue to work to advance this mission over time. Offering service to the rural people is a business but not as usual, so social commitment and dedication is required to make it success. Nowadays most essential part of life is energy service.

Energy is treated as the most powerful tool for development. Without energy, our economic activity cannot be run or even livelihood can't be developed. In view of this SEF has taken the initiative to provide the energy service mostly from the renewable energy to the rural people. At present many remote rural areas of Bangladesh is uncovered by grid electricity due to lack of infrastructure for supplying of grid electricity. In such areas SEF likes to provide minimum need of electricity from renewable energy technology such as SHS for lighting purpose and gas by using biogas technology, which will extend the working hour after dusk and keep the kitchen environment healthy.

  • Awareness development for clean & energy efficient technology
  • Promotion of green and energy efficient technology
  • Promotion of small & pico solar home system to reach the bottom of the society
  • Supporting small groups for entrepreneurship development in renewable energy sector
  • Capacity building of the rural entrepreneurs
  • Linkage development between renewable energy and income generation activities

SEF is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities, from its operations to the development of its products and use of its technology. Uniquely positioned in the field of renewable energy, alternative energy and energy efficient technology, SEF diversification of services and expert staff of professionals allows to offer a full suite of services for businesses and household consumers. As a solutions-focused, customer-driven company, SEF provides complete, end-to-end services from an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience.