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Awareness development for clean & energy efficient technology

SEF arranged regular demonstration in different educational institutions regarding prospects of energy efficient and clean energy technology. So far over 100 such institutional demonstrations have been done and nearly 10000 people have participated. In addition SEF has distributed 80,000 trees as part of its green awareness program.

Training program for students and users

SEF is arranging regular training program for its beneficiaries and for other stakeholders. Till 31 December 2014 it has trained up 75,000 of its beneficiaries regarding use of green energy and energy efficient technology.

Promotion of green & energy efficient technology

SEF has been actively promoting clean, renewable energy technology to balance natural environment which are ultimately reducing country’s dependence on power grid, kerosene, diesel etc. Alternative source of energy, such as Solar Panel, also represent a low-cost solution for the people who live in villages without the facility of electricity. To provide better services to the rural people SEF has opened region and branch offices in remote rural areas of Bangladesh. SEF use door-to-door marketing as a direct selling technique to introduce potential customers to the products and services. Marketing teams offer a wide range of flexible SHS (Solar Home System) packages and answer customer's questions and handle objections while they are at the homes or business places of potential customers.

Promotion of small & pico solar home system to reach the bottom of the society

To reach the bottom of the pyramid, SEF is promoting small and pico SHS. During promotion of such system we also develop the awareness of the customer and once they understand the benefit of clean energy they come forward to use it.

Supporting small groups for entrepreneurship development

During promotion of green and energy efficient technology SEF find that there is an opportunity to develop our local small and medium scale industries. As such we are developing the market so new entrepreneurs come as our backward linkage and SolarTech Company is one of such example where about 150 women are working.

Capacity building of the rural entrepreneurs

SEF is also trying to develop the rural entrepreneurship with the use of its supply chain & soft financing capacity. One of such entrepreneur called "Solar Mela" has been established at Moksadpur Upazila in Gopalgonj District.

Maintenance and Support

SEF has warranty and maintenance service policy and provide full technical support to its clients. SEF offers operation and maintenance packages; a cost effective and efficient way to ensure the system is safe, clean and producing its maximum potential generation. Every month SEF engineers visit customers’ places and check the system for better performance. If any damage occurs within warranty period, SEF replace the product free of cost.